"We Read Dead People:" What Today's Teens Can Learn from Studying the Ancients

Season 2
February 22, 2023

In the cycle of our core Omnibus curriculum at Veritas, middle and high schoolers get plenty of exposure to the original texts of the great ancient writer and thinks - Plato, Aristotle, Livy, Herodotus, Theucydides and more. In an age where ideas and fads come and go and things are considered outdated within less than a year's (or a month's!) span, how is it valuable for our youth to read, examine, and even enjoy the works of people who have been dead for thousands of years.

It is valuable - immensely so, as a matter of fact. Our host Ty Fischer is joined by Veritas Omnibus teachers Graham Dennis (Dean of Students) and Bruce Etter (Dean of Humane Letters) to walk us through the specific and compelling reasons why this generation of youth benefit from reading "dead people." It may make you want to go pick up and peruse a copy of Plato's Republic or The Odyssey, too!

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