What's So Great About Lewis and Tolkein? Why We Love These Writers and Their Works

Season 2
June 14, 2023

Looking for some summer reading inspiration for yourself or your children? Two particular 20th century authors are most beloved around the Veritas (and, Christian in general) community: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein. This episode gives a new perspective on why these authors and their works are so enduring, influential, and simply wonderful.

Listen in on a fun and insightful discussion with Mr. Paul Miller, a local pastor who also teaches 7th, 8th, and 11th grade Omnibus (humanities and Great Books) here at Veritas. Paul's love for Lewis and Tolkein is infectious as he teaches their works in 7th and 8th grade Secondary Omnibus, and this conversation will either ignite an excitement for these authors and thinkers in yourself, or rekindle your interest and inspire you to journey back to Narnia and Middle Earth or pore over Mere Christianity and Miracles.

If you've ever wondered why we bring up these two Brits so often in our classes and discussions - or if you're already an ardent fan of their works - we're pretty sure you'll have great fun listening to Paul talk with our Head of School Ty Fischer about Lewis, Tolkein, and why they belong not only in a school's curriculum, but also on your family's bookshelf.

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