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Our mission is to cultivate loving, serving, thinking students through a Classical Christian Education, and we were not about to let a statewide school shutdown deter us from finishing that mission strong this 2019-2020 school year.

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Beginning on March 23, Veritas Academy rolled out our classes for grades PreK-12 in a completely online, virtual format. Students will continue receiving the same excellent instruction and the same cumulative curriculum, albeit remotely from their own homes as teachers broadcast from theirs. Using our Learning Management System and Zoom, students will take instruction, participate in discussion, take tests and quizzes, submit assignments, and even give orations. 

We made a promise to our families to deliver an exceptional, Classical Christian Education, and we will see that promise through to the end. Our teachers and administrators have worked diligently to set up this system and serve families well. We appreciate your feedback thus far, and invite families to continue offering insight and feedback to help us improve as we go. Thank you, Veritas families, for your graciousness and support as we embarked on this new endeavor.

See below for information about how each class will conduct their lessons in this initial stage.

Detailed schedules are published in the next section in two-week increments.

Secondary students will be meeting with their teachers online during the scheduled class times. Families will be sent a list of links for all of the classrooms. We will be pausing elective classes for now, so 9th – 12th grade will not have 4th-period classes and 7th and 8th grade will not have their 5th-period classes. 

These students will be meeting with their teachers online daily between 8 am and 12 pm. During that time, our teachers will be teaching a lesson and making assignments that the students will be working on during the afternoon. Families will be sent a list of links for all of the classrooms.

K-3rd grade teachers are recording video lessons for your children. Your student(s) will receive links to watch these videos through a private online channel. Students can watch the lesson as they desire.

Teachers have supplied and will continue to supply materials for assignments, either online through downloads or with physical copies available for pickup.

Our Preschool will be sending out assignments, providing some video instruction, and supporting this work with example assignments sent through their Facebook site and special Veritas Preschool private Facebook group. Some of these assignments are already up and running.

Secondary School ClassSchedules

Week of May 4

Week of May 11

Week of May 18

Online Classroom Etiquette

For all students using the live Zoom platform, we have established etiquette rules for these classes. We will follow these rules. Please help your students understand that it is crucial for them to take these rules seriously if we are to move forward effectively.

Students please follow these rules during participation in online classes at Veritas Academy:

Chat Box Etiquette

  • Use the chat box to offer feedback that is relevant to the topic of the class. Avoid off-topic chat.

  • Chat should contribute to the overall conversation of the class. Avoid side conversations.

  • If you are late, enter discreetly and do not announce your presence in the chat box if you arrive late.

  • Avoid informal slang.

  • Practice the Ephesians 4:29, 32 commands at all times.

  • Remain focused when a student is giving a presentation. Avoid chat.

  • Offer positive feedback in response to the comments of others on a regular basis.

  • Leave the room discreetly when you need to take a break. Do not announce bathroom breaks in the chat box.

  • Work through sound problems discreetly. Do not announce that you are having sound problems in the chat box.

  • Avoid asking questions that apply only to you. It is more efficient to handle those matters outside of class time.

  • If you have any doubts about the propriety of a comment, don’t say it.

Zoom Technical Support

With this new, live online class system we are bound to have technical issues occasionally. Most issues are caused by bad internet connection or incorrect settings. Before calling the support team please review the FAQ section below first (this section applies to the live online class platform currently offered for 4th - 7th grade).

Below are some common issues your child may have when using Zoom. Please read through this document before contacting technical support.


For all issues check for Updates first

Some issues are caused because your Zoom Program needs to be updated. To check and update your zoom program you can click the links below: 


I receive the message that the connection is unstable during a Zoom meeting or I lose my connection with Zoom. 

A connection unstable message in Zoom is likely caused by a weak internet signal. This can be addressed by:

  • Moving the computer closer to the router.
  • Restarting the router.
  • Connecting to a different wireless network. 

When the above troubleshooting isn’t enough to solve the Zoom meeting issue, please remember that Zoom classes will be recorded and your student will receive a link to the recorded class. Please watch the recording later and contact that teacher afterward.

My Zoom App Closed Unexpectedly

If the Zoom app closes unexpectedly and the internet connection does not seem to be involved, it is likely that your computer ran out of virtual memory while using Zoom. This happens when there are too many tabs in Chrome and apps running at the same time. To address the issue, please restart the computer and then close any other windows besides Zoom once you join again.

If this happens frequently, please contact the school at 717-556-0690 then dial #1 for more support.

How do I troubleshoot audio issues during a Zoom meeting?

If you are experiencing trouble hearing other members of your Zoom meeting, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot your issue. These are:

  • Increase the volume on your computer. This will also unmute your speakers if they are muted.
  • Click the arrow next to Mute/Unmute in Zoom to select a different audio input and output devices.
  • Try plugging in headphones if you are not already. If you are using headphones, unplug them and try using your computer speakers and microphone.
  • Turn off your own video and just participate by audio. This is especially helpful if your student needs to talk to the teacher and their audio isn't going through well. 
  • If your student is having trouble hearing the teacher because of internet connection issues, try having them turn off their video and mute themselves. 
  • Restart the computer. 

If after trying the suggested steps above you are still having issues, please contact us at 717-556-0690 then dial #1. You can also test your audio settings outside of class by joining the Zoom Test Meeting.  

If your concerns, questions, or issues are not addressed by the FAQ section, contact a Veritas Technical Support Team Member by calling:

717-556-0690 then dial #1.

Keyboarding/Typing Resources

Help your student become efficient

As your child's classes move to this digital platform, they may find the increased typing need to be daunting, especially for our younger students who are not as accustomed to completing assignments on the computer.

We invite all families to participate in the program that our seventh graders have been using this semester. You can sign up for a free student account here and get free typing lessons to help them become a more efficient, confident typist.


Veritas Virtual Events

Community Building, Curriculum Enhancing Family Activities

Veritas will continue to find ways to make some of our special traditions, even when we're all apart in our own homes. Check here for information on upcoming opportunities.

Join our Veritas Academy Families Facebook Group for more community building online! Contact Kylee Bowman to get the link to join, or check your Communique.

Upcoming Family At-Home Activities

Watch your weekly Communiques for information on each of these special events!

Narnia Feast and Movie Night: April 4

Service Challenge Week: April 5-11

Greek Olympics Challenge Week: April 12-18

Theater Challenge Week: April 19-25


Thank you, to all of our parents and students, for working with us to continue to cultivate loving, serving, thinking students virtually until we can once again be together at school!